Embracing minimalism in the new year

I moved bedrooms (within my flat) at the beginning of this year. I carefully curated all the things I wanted on display in my new room and felt content. However, fast forward to the end of December and I'd somehow managed to fill the space with so many - mainly functionless - 'things'. I'm not… Continue reading Embracing minimalism in the new year

Foraged Christmas

Christmas is usually a time when even the most unlikely are tempted to dust off the glue gun and try their hands at some crafting. But this year, in tune with the move towards slow living, things have levelled up. The growing trend for foraging and decorating year round with seasonal foliage has now collided… Continue reading Foraged Christmas

5 of the best… candles to cosy up with this winter

So, here we are spending a lot of time in our homes again... It seems there's a bit of a consensus emerging that we should collectively press fast forward on the rest of the year and just get stuck into Christmas early. I'm very much a mince pies in November gal on any given year,… Continue reading 5 of the best… candles to cosy up with this winter

Brave Ground, Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

I generally like to avoid being overly led by trends. My rebellious side kicks against being told what to like, and so, over the past few years, I haven't given much thought to Dulux's 'Colour of the Year' announcement. However, with a lot fewer distractions this year, I admit that I had a certain sense… Continue reading Brave Ground, Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Styling up my ugly rental kitchen

The somewhat dilapidated kitchen in my very cheap rental flat is somewhere I've tended to avoid spending a lot of time, before March this year. However, confronted with the prospect of having to produce three square meals a day in there, not to mention increasingly numerous snack breaks, all of a sudden it became one… Continue reading Styling up my ugly rental kitchen

What’s it like to intern on an interiors shoot?

It was only about a week after I'd started Lucy Gough's online course, 'How to Become an Interior Stylist', when I was fortunate enough to be the first person to spot Lucy's post offering work experience on a Christmas shoot for John Lewis. I'd only made two moodboards in bed, and here I was preparing to intern on a shoot for a major retailer with a top stylist! A slightly terrifying but hugely exciting opportunity for an interiors nerd...

The coolest shop in Paris

After an afternoon window shopping the edgy boutiques of Le Marais, energy levels were running dangerously low. We were ready to call hipster fatigue and head back to our Airbnb for a nap. But I'm so glad we pushed on to check out one last shop on our list. To think I would never have experienced the all consuming delight of a few hours spent at Merci! Just look at the courtyard outside, for starters - an instagram dream.

How to find your interior design style

Almost seven weeks into the UK lockdown and I'm finding I'm able to indulge my creativity in a way that I haven't for years. The first fortnight was a bit of rocky, as I struggled with the feeling that everything in my life had been put on pause. However, five weeks on and I've settled into my own little world. I'm now finding joy in having time to work on creative projects purely for my own satisfaction. It kind of reminds me of being a kid; spending days making your own fun.