Styling up my ugly rental kitchen

The somewhat dilapidated kitchen in my very cheap rental flat is somewhere I’ve tended to avoid spending a lot of time, before March this year. However, confronted with the prospect of having to produce three square meals a day in there, not to mention increasingly numerous snack breaks, all of a sudden it became one of the places I was spending most of my time. Thank you, covid.

To say the decor is a bit sad would be an understatement. Nobody would choose this combo of generic outdated cabinets splitting at the seams, clunky old white goods and woodchip wallpaper hastily painted magnolia at some point in the last 15 years. It probably would’ve looked a bit botched even back when it was new (presumably 30+ years ago).


I wanted to lift it somehow, but it was proving a far from inspiring canvas that bore a big fat zero in resemblance to the images in glossy interiors mags and saved on my pinterest boards. It became clear that I was going to have to work with my archaic kitchen, rather than against it. Gathering my ideas together, it wasn’t long before I realised I was creating an ode to Italian cookery! On reflection, I do eat a lot of spaghetti bolognese…

Inspiration board
Gathering inspiration

‘Dishevelled retro charm’ seems apt considering a major cash injection isn’t on the cards for my neglected little kitchen. It’s edges are going to have to remain rough, but I’ve set about thinking of small touches I could add, that together might make it a more appealing and less jarring room to spend time in.

The moodboard

I’m still working on bringing my idea to life, but I can’t wait to share the transformation!

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